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Everything You Want to Know About Botox… But Are too Afraid to Ask!

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in North America, and it’s one of our most performed procedures at Sabrina Medical Aesthetics. Being such a well-known procedure, we often receive several questions like where a Botox treatment can be performed, how often Botox is required, if Botox hurts and so much more.  

At Sabrina Medical Aesthetics, our head injector Sabrina has over 15 years of experience in the health care sector. Currently, at her Vaughan Medical Spa, she performs many aesthetician treatments daily. As experts in this industry, we explain it all in this blog.

“My mission is to provide you with natural, youthful results without looking overly done, swollen or fake. Together we can gently improve signs of aging and get you the soft, natural looking and long-lasting results you’re after.”

What is Botox?

Cosmetic botulinum toxin therapy, also known as neurotoxin injectables, help diminish the appearance of fine lines and relax the wrinkles. Typically, they’re used to help treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and excessive sweating, which is also known as hyperhidrosis. There are different neurotoxin brand names that we use at our Vaughan Medical Spa including Dysport, and most popularly, Botox.

Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that works to relax the nerve-muscle connection. This means that wherever it is injected, Botox will help the underlying muscles to temporarily stop contracting. When muscles stop contracting, wrinkles will stop forming. It’s also common that many people use Botox before they even have any fine lines, to prevent their development in the first place. Let’s look more into Botox and how it works.

Is Botox anything like fillers?

Not at all! Botox impacts the muscle, meanwhile filler does exactly what it’s named. Fillers can restore volume loss and they can emphasize the contour of the face. Well known products like Juvederm or Restylane are used to fill lips, or certain creases around the face.

Does Botox prevent wrinkles?

Yes! Botox is a highly purified neurotoxin which can temporarily erase or reduce horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines and crow’s-feet. Where Botox is injected in the body, it can relax the muscles underneath the skin. It interferes with the nerve stimulation of the muscle, which causes excess expressions. As your muscle relaxes, lines diminish.

In addition to relaxing frown lines, Botox can also help with lifting the corners of your mouth that sag as you age, it can smooth your chin, it can soften smoker’s lines around the mouth and can soften your neck lines.

Will Botox make me look frozen or cause numbness?

No – Botox does not remove facial expressions, it is designed to soften lines from excessive squinting, smiling, and frowning. Yes, it relaxes your muscles, however it will not affect the nerves that cause any sensation or make you feel numb. When used correctly, it can also lift your brows.

It’s crucial to use an experienced injector, as you want to make sure you don’t overdo it. For example, if you use an injector that injects too much Botox in the horizontal lines on your forehead, it can look fake and drop your brows and make your eyelids feel heavy. All in all, make sure to always use an experienced injector that can properly judge the size and the strength of your muscles, and how much Botox you will require for your treatment.

Does Botox hurt? 

Botox injections are generally not a painful procedure. For some, depending on the type of procedure, it can be slightly painful so you can use numbing cream if it is needed.

Does Botox have side effects?

Not typically – and if there are any, they are rare and temporary. Complications include mild drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow, which normally go away within a few weeks. There can be slight bruising and at times, minor headaches or pressure of the forehead at the first couple of days.

At what age can I start using Botox? 

The answer to this question varies because everyone has their own preferences. You can use it to prevent wrinkles, or you can use it when you have wrinkles, to smoothen the area. Long story short, a patient can choose when they would like to use the treatment. Ideally they should start getting Botox when they smile, squint or lift their brows and they can see the fine lines. If the fine lines remain in your skin for more than a couple of seconds it’s a good time to start to prevent those temporary lines turning into permanent lines or static lines.

What should I avoid after my Botox treatment? 

It’s important to avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours.

When can I see results from my Botox treatment?

Each person has different results, but on average, the results will begin to show in 2-7 days post-treatment. Final results will be shown in two weeks.

How long does Botox last?

The results of Botox can last three to four months. Patients will typically book a treatment within this timeframe.

Can you build up an immunity to Botox?

People have claimed this has happened, but it is extremely rare. Those that get Botox on a regular basis are likely to see decreased muscle activity, so they may not need as much the next time around or won’t have to come in for as many touch-ups. However, as mentioned, immunity is extremely rare.

Will people know I got Botox?

It depends. When you use a skilled injector, Botox injections will help you look fresh, cheerful and at times, younger. If you use an inexperienced injector, chances are that you have an excessively smooth and shiny forehead, or your crow’s-feet don’t move when you laugh or cry. This is something you want to avoid!

What do I do if I get a botched Botox job?

This is where finding a qualified injector is so important, as you are less likely to end up with botched results. In a case like this, it’s best to go to an experienced injector like Sabrina for feedback. Luckily, Botox isn’t permanent, but it does take time to get back to normal. 

Where do I find a skilled provider?

It is crucial to find a highly skilled injector. At our Vaughan Medical Spa, Sabrina Medical Aesthetics is an experienced injector with over 15 years of experience in the health care sector.

Sabrina offers consultations to help you learn more Botox treatments and where it would work best for you. Book your free virtual consultation with Sabrina Medical Aesthetics!

Radiant, beautiful, glowing skin is no longer a luxury, but your new reality.
- Sabrina Binyamin

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