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Bring Light to Your Skin with the MeLine Intimate Treatment

Have you been struggling with hyperpigmentation around certain areas of your skin? With bikini season just around the corner, do you feel that you can use a confidence boost around certain sensitive areas of your skin, for instance, the bikini line or inner thighs? 

At Sabrina Medical Aesthetics, we offer a treatment just for this, called the MeLine Intimate Treatment. You can finally have the confident look that you desire! 

This blog will provide you with all the important details that you need to know about hyperpigmentation and the various types of treatments available to you at Sabrina's Medical Aesthetics. Furthermore, to ensure we provide the best service for our clients, we recommend that you book a complimentary consultation with Sabrina.  

What causes Hyperpigmentation?

Before we get into the types of treatments available, let’s first discuss why many women experience hyperpigmentation around certain areas of our bodies. Hyperpigmentation is when an excess amount of melanin is produced in the skin (the pigment that gives colour to skin). Hyperpigmentation, specifically in the bikini area, can be triggered from the following reasons:

  • Chafing between the thighs, caused by friction from dryness and discolouration of the skin
  • Hormonal imbalances, from breastfeeding, pregnancy, menstruation, etc.
  • Excess amount of sun exposure, caused by too much harmful UV rays
  • Dry skin
  • Specific medications, such as hormonal contraceptives
  • Excess amount of shaving or hair removal creams

Furthermore, hyperpigmentation is very commonly seen in women, as many tend to experience either one or many of the causes mentioned above at least once throughout their life. For some women, it can get very frustrating when dealing with discolouration because it can hinder or trigger confidence issues. However, with the MeLine Intimate Treatment, you can experience an improvement in the appearance of your skin and your confidence overall!

What can I do to treat it?

This MeLine Intimate procedure is formulated to improve firmness, colour correcting discolouration and overall intimate skin brightening. This treatment is both user friendly and painless with safe products that we help you achieve results with. This treatment is an in-office treatment which can be booked online.  

What does the process look like?

To start your new skin care journey with Sabrina, we recommend that our client’s start with booking a consultation to help determine your skin condition. Once the consultation process has been completed with Sabrina, you can then book a session for the in-office initial treatment. Moreover, for 7-10 days after the initial treatment, you have the luxury of being able to continue the remaining sessions of the MeLine Intimate Program from the comfort of your own home!

How long is the recovery time?

We recommend to our clients that once you start the MeLine Intimate treatment, you should resume the treatment at home after 5 days to avoid any skin irritation.

When can I expect results?

At our medical spa, we like to ensure that our product provides results; however, every client is different, so results vary. Generally, we inform our clients that they should notice results usually after one session. However, we like to promote the importance of consistency, and level of pigmentation and skin type, as it should be considered when expecting results. The darker the area, the more sessions needed. Therefore, we recommend that the clients should complete about 5-6 sessions before noticing any dramatic results. 


Many women secretly struggle with hyperpigmentation; therefore, they tend to be confused when it comes to finding remedies for discolouration.

At Sabrina's Medical Aesthetics, we do our best to provide each client with diligent care to ensure that our products meet their specific skincare needs and bring results. Are you ready to start your journey to hyperpigmentation free skin? Book your appointment today!


Radiant, beautiful, glowing skin is no longer a luxury, but your new reality.
- Sabrina Binyamin

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