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Fat Dissolving Injections - Is it the Right Treatment for Me?

Losing weight can be a frustrating process for many of us. No matter how hard we exercise or try to follow a strict diet, the truth is, some stubborn fat just refuses to leave. However, in the search of alternatives to excessive regimens or invasive procedures, fat dissolving injections have become increasingly popular as a safe alternative to surgical procedures in helping patients attain their goals of a slimmer and more contoured body.

Fat dissolving injections are a treatment performed by 
Sabrina at her Vaughan medical spa, with more than 15 years of experience in the health industry. 

In this blog, we discuss everything there is to know about fat dissolving injections and whether it is right for you, before booking a free consultation.

What are fat dissolving injections?

Fat Dissolving Injections, also known as Lipolysis injections, is a non-invasive medical procedure, made to target and reduce fat in a given area. The injections consist of a synthetic form of a naturally-occurring acid found in the body which then breaks down fat cells to dissolve them and flush them out. The injections by Sabrina Medical Aesthetics are individually-tailored and permanently destroy fat cells, often giving results similar to liposuction without the need for surgery, anesthesia, a long recovery, or scars. 

With a fat dissolving treatment, pockets of fat can be removed, and the body may appear slimmer and more shaped.

Where can fat dissolving injections be done?

It is a common misconception that fat dissolving treatment is only done to get rid of a ‘double’ chin. While reducing excess fat under someone’s chin with lipolysis injections can definitely be done, injections can also be performed to treat fat in the abdomen/tummy, back, thighs, face, and bra area, as well as for cellulite. 

Why not just exercise?

Unfortunately, many of us are prone to fatty areas regardless of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even with an intense workout routine, some fat and areas on the body simply can’t be targeted for weight loss, especially not without losing weight throughout the entire body as well. Fat-dissolving injections can treat specific areas of the body that are resilient to exercise without creating changes to other areas in return. 

Does it hurt?

The pain is very minimal. As with any treatment that involves needles, there might be a feeling of a small pinch.

Is it safe?

This procedure is very safe as it is non-invasive and an approved alternative to surgical procedures, such as liposuction. The injections are naturally broken down and absorbed by the body. 

We recommend working with  a qualified and trained professional injector like Sabrina, to ensure the treatment is safe and carefully done.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effects of this treatment are temporary soreness,  swelling, bruising or some redness in the injected area. The bruising may last approximately one to three weeks. Side effects such as sensitivity, itching, and minor pain/discomfort can also be experienced but typically do not continue for over three to five days. With that said, sessions are usually scheduled monthly to allow time needed for the fat to dissolve and get absorbed by your body. 

How long does it take to see results?

Each procedure usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and the speed of results differs between areas treated, large versus small, as well as how fast swelling goes down for different patients. The majority of patients notice a visible difference within two to four treatments and continuing treatment further improves final results. After the sessions, you will enjoy an improvement of your chin contour as the targeted fat cells have disappeared, however, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan as excessive weight gain after the treatment can reverse the results.

How many treatments does it take?

This depends on the goals of every patient and the area(s) being treated. While most patients require two to four treatments, minor problem areas may require less, and more prominent areas may require up to six sessions. 

An estimate of how many treatments are needed would be done before the regimen begins. 

Are results permanent? 

Injections will eliminate fat cells hence they can’t be reconstructed. If a healthy lifestyle is maintained the area will never return to its original size and will be permanent. 

What is recovery like?

With very minimal side effects, healing typically takes under a week. Depending on the size of the treated area, some swelling may take longer to go down, but normal life can be resumed within three to five days. 

Are fat dissolving injections right for me?

It is important to understand that fat-dissolving injections are not a replacement for maintaining an active lifestyle or weight loss treatment. The best candidates for this procedure are those who are already at their ideal weight and have a healthy lifestyle but are struggling with stubborn fat. This is because injections only target specific pockets of fat and not the entire body - therefore can’t be used as a “cheat code” for weight loss. 

The fat-dissolving treatment is also not suitable for those who:

  • Are taking blood thinners
  • Have done prior surgical procedures on areas that are being considered
  • Have an infection or medical condition involving the target areas
  • Have diabetes 
  • Women who are or plan to be pregnant, as well as breastfeeding

A complimentary consultation with Sabrina will help you further determine whether this procedure is right for you.

I am interested, where can I learn more?

If you are interested in a fat dissolving treatment and believe you are a good candidate, contact a certified medical spa provider in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area, like Sabrina Medical Aesthetics to ensure the procedure is done correctly and safely. Book an appointment to get started! 

Radiant, beautiful, glowing skin is no longer a luxury, but your new reality.
- Sabrina Binyamin

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