Looking to plump your lips?

For many of us, thinner lips are a major insecurity that only seems to intensify with aging due to natural deflation that happens over. However, lip injections, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, have allowed us to reclaim plumpness in our lips for the natural and subtle volume we’ve always wished for. Lip injections are a simple cosmetic procedure for fuller and plumper lips.

Lip fillers will change the appearance of your lips by restoring or adding volume to your liking, help shape and structure lips that may be asymmetrical, as well as reverse the signs of aging in the lips.


Does it Hurt?

During the procedure, patients might feel a pinch and/or minor discomfort. However, lips are numbed beforehand, so overall the experience is minimally painful. The numbing feeling from the lips wears off within a few hours after the treatment.

However, every patient is unique and pain tolerance varies from person to person. Accordingly, some may experience slightly more or less discomfort than others. The amount of filler being injected can also impact the level of pain.

What is the Recovery Like?

Lip injections are a quick procedure that typically does not take longer than an hour and allows you to resume normal activities immediately. However, no firm pressure should be applied on the lips directly after injections and it is best to avoid lip products (such as makeup) until the swelling subsides. Mild soreness, redness, and/or itchiness at the injection site is also normal.

You will notice an increase in volume right after the treatment, however, final results typically take 2-5 days to reveal themselves as the initial swelling from the injections goes down.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Lip fillers aren’t forever. While the length of results varies between patients, the injections typically last between six months to a year, but can last upwards of 18 months for some. This duration can vary depending on the speed of your metabolism as well as your age - generally, younger individuals have a faster metabolism (burn calories faster) and therefore their fillers often don’t last as long as others.


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